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Introducing X-BATT™

How Can the Lithium-Ion
Be Improved?

Early results show a 3X specific capacity (mAh/g) improvement for some graphite formulations and a 4X specific capacity improvement for some original X-BATT™ formulations.

Research and development are ongoing. Please watch this space for updates.

How does X-BATT™ increase lithium-ion battery performance?

The current lithium-ion battery anode is made of graphite, a particular form of ordered carbon. Many researchers have used silicon structures (nanoparticles, coatings, cages, grids, etc.) to improve the performance of lithium-ion battery anodes. However, each of these solutions has detriments such as lower cycle life and/or higher costs. Instead of mixing silicon and carbon in discrete particles or structures, X-BATT™ combines silicon and carbon at the molecular level for greatly improved energy properties.

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X-MAT Technology Improves Battery Performance

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