Company awarded over $250K to focus on clean energy technological breakthroughs

ORLANDO, Fla. – Why waste when you can recycle? In the race for a cleaner future, DioQuest’s CO2 sequestering process does just that.

DioQuest’s revolutionary process takes point source CO2 emissions and CO2 from direct air capture and permanently captures and reuses the waste. By sequestering the gaseous CO2, DioQuest will then embed the waste into their products which are high in performance and value.  Sustainable, carbon-negative materials produced include facades, panels and tiles.

The Department of Energy awarded Semplastics, over $250K to continue research and development of high-value products from produced water mineralized via reaction with CO2.

“Our DioQuest technology not only allows large volumes of CO2 to be permanently locked away, but we are also able to take the waste streams and create sustainable products such as important building materials,” said Bill Easter, CEO of Semplastics and DioQuest. “As the U.S. moves toward clean energy and a lower carbon future DioQuest can help.”

Currently prototype panels made from DioQuest have up to 30% mass sequestered CO2. These CO2 negative materials provide a green alternative to current market offerings, while also exceeding the performance.

The U.S. Department of Energy announced Semplastics as one of the recipients of the $72 million in funding for small businesses to pursue scientific, clean energy, and climate research, development, and demonstration projects. The funding will support 296 projects across 44 states and addresses multiple topic areas, such as renewable energy, nuclear energy, cybersecurity, advanced materials and manufacturing, microelectronics, and artificial intelligence.

“America’s small businesses have always played a critical role in moving our nation forward, and this entrepreneurial spirit helped established America as a global leader in science and innovation,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm. “President Biden understands this, which is why DOE is providing companies coast to coast with resources to develop game changing solutions to tackle the climate crisis and build a clean energy future.” 

About DioQuest

DioQuest™, a Semplastics company founded in 2021, creates high-value, high-performance products through a unique transformative process that combines two waste streams, CO2 gas from various sources and produced water. The patent pending carbon conversion and utilization technology permanently traps the CO2 emissions or CO2 from direct air capture and embeds the waste into products. For more information on DioQuest technology, visit