Coal is an interesting material and the mention of coal sparks a lot of passion in the current political climate. The states and citizens that are concerned with coal mining jobs and the economic aspects of coal are strong proponents of coal economic activities. The people that are concerned with anthropogenic global warming are not fans of using coal to generate energy due to the burning of coal producing greenhouse gases.

Coal is also something that is hard to define with specificity. We all know that coal contains carbon but it also contains a whole bunch of other elements that come from being formed from nature’s compost pile. The US alone contains more coal than almost any other natural resource- literally trillions of pounds of coal.

We at Semplastics have developed coal-based technologies which sequester the carbon in coal WITHOUT burning the coal. Now that is really something to ponder!! Where will this technology go and what can be made with this coal-based technology? Now that is an interesting question!! Perhaps people of many different political persuasions might be interested in the answer…

See Orlando Sentinel Article.