Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing is a very hot technology at this point. People have worked on 3D Printing of plastics for several years while 3D Printing of metals is a more recent development. There are a few companies that are 3D Printing ceramics but, in most cases, these 3D printing ceramic companies are using high temperature (greater than 1500C) sintering processes to produce finished ceramic parts. For this grant, Semplastics and Nano Dimension are collaborating to produce thick 3D printed ceramic parts at extremely low temperatures. The combination of Nano Dimension’s inkjet printing technology with Semplastics’ low energy signature bulk PDC should be perfect for 3D printing ceramics. The lightweight, complex, thermally stable structures formed from this development should be ideal for Space applications.

See press release here.

3D printed circuit boards created by Nano Dimension