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The future of materials technology has arrived

Strength, lightness, durability and thermal stability, all in one extraordinary material.

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Specific Density 1.69g/cc


Continuous Operating T Range -150°C to 1100°C

Thermally STABLE

Low CTE Material


Environmentally Friendly Production

The advanced material of tomorrow is here.

Is it possible to combine the lightness and affordability of plastic, the high operating temperature of ceramic, and the electrical conductivity of metal?

The team of materials visionaries at X-MAT has learned how to combine these properties, to create an extraordinary material that can be custom-made for your unique application.

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Unlimited Possibilities

With X-MAT’s numerous valuable properties, the potential applications are boundless. Instead of being limited by an existing material specification sheet, X-MAT offers a fully customizable material system to meet the operating requirements of your needs.

From cars to manufactured goods, from construction to spacecraft, just imagine what X-MAT can do for you.

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