Global coal consumption continues to keep growing with coal projected to remain the world’s main source of electrical power to 2040 and beyond. The time for cleaner, more efficient ways to utilize one of our world’s most powerful resources, is now.

Bill Easter, a Founder of Semplastics and X-MAT, a materials engineering company, will  speak at the 2019 Clean Coal Technologies Conference in Houston on June 5 about his company’s innovative, environmentally friendly, beneficial use of coal as a sequestered carbon source for a composite roof shingle.

Historically, coal has had two main uses, the generation of electrical power and the production of steel from iron ore. Through an extensive amount of research, X-MAT, the Advanced Materials Division of Semplastics, has developed a new, value-added, coal-core composite product, which consists of X-MAT’s proprietary resin and raw coal. The coal-core composite technology takes less energy to produce than ceramics and yields a fireproof coal material with superior strength and a low carbon footprint.

Bill and his team won a Phase 1 grant from the Department of Energy to use their coal-core composite technology to create a fireproof roof tile, called X-TILES™. X-TILES™ are eco-friendly, exceed industry standards and test the limits of ceramic roof tiles.

X-TILES™ have been gaining traction since their creation. X-MAT’s tiles were even featured in Roofing Magazine  as an innovative alternative to standard roofing tiles.

The journey of X-TILES™ is still in progress, as the X-MAT team prepares for a final decision on a Phase 2 SBIR grant from the Department of Energy to continue their work on the fireproof roof tiles.

Bill’s session at the Clean Coal Conference will highlight the timeline of X-TILES™ and the challenges and progress the X-MAT team has made thus far.

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