X-MAT® coatings increase energy density of graphite anode powders by 300% in lithium ion batteries

DETROIT (September 3, 2019) – After seven years of research and development, X-MAT®, the Advanced Materials Division of Semplastics, has achieved a materials science breakthrough with the development of a patent pending coating system for battery grade natural and synthetic graphite.

The company has started to work with commercial partners to advance the manufacturing and scale up of the coatings. X-MAT® plans to meet with leading manufacturers at The Battery Show in Detroit, Michigan on September 10 through 12.

The X-MAT® coating technology, which has displayed a 3X improvement in the energy capacity of uncoated battery grade graphite, enables the production of graphite-based anodes that last longer, weigh less and offer a lower cost of ownership for battery manufacturers than standard graphite anode materials.

X-MAT®’s presence at The Battery Show will further the company’s ability to extend its applications for X-MAT® coated batteries from lithium ion anodes to other types of batteries. To set an appointment, please contact Gordon Nameni at gordon@x-materials.com or Cris DiRuggiero at cris@x-materials.com.

Over the past several years, X-MAT® has received federal and state awards for its development of high-performance materials that are lightweight, highly conductive and strong.

In its latest venture, X-MAT® has developed patent pending processes and materials that can coat natural or synthetic graphite. The Company has demonstrated that the coated material can improve the energy capacity of the graphite anode by 3X. while also lowering the total cost of the anodic system. The material is believed to be the first of its kind in North America.

“Our pre-production numbers are staggering,” said X-MAT® CEO, Bill Easter. “The material also fits within the battery supply chain without any additional use-costs by battery manufacturers.”

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About X-MAT®, the Advanced Materials Division of Semplastics

X-MAT®, the Advanced Materials Division of Semplastics, launched in 2013. X-MAT® developed a revolutionary high performance material that combines some of the best properties of metals (electrical conductivity), engineering plastics (lightweight) and ceramics (high operating temperature). X-MAT® has had several partnerships including work with NASA, Space Florida and the NETL. X-MAT®’s game-changing material has various current applications including fireproof roof tiles, lightweight space mirrors, battery electrodes and 3D printed ceramics. X-MAT® technology can be custom-engineered to fit many specifications and has unlimited potential market applications. To learn more about X-MAT® capabilities and future projects, visit their website at https://x-materials.com or call (407)353-6885.